Cake International Birmingham

Of all the events in the cake world, Cake International Birmingham is the one in every serious cake lover’s diary. Rightly so.

Cake artists and designers from Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa flock to the NEC to taste, discover, learn, compete and acknowledge those who challenge and inspire us with innovative decoration techniques and great recipes. It is the largest Cake Show in the world.

It was our first time at CI, Birmingham. After months of planning, dreaming and baking, we took our gravity-defying, levitating wedding cake, along with a life-sized Yoda (made of fruitcake and covered in chocolate) and got ourselves ready to share our work with 20,000 visitors over the weekend.


The response at the show was extraordinary. Both Phil and I ended each day with face-ache from the involuntary smiling at the open-mouthed, stunned, confused faces. The children were delightful. Wonder is a thing we lose far too quickly as we grow.


Throughout the show it was an enormous privilege to have some lovely well known cake-world people come and visit with us.  We were so thrilled at the comments and encouragements from folk that have gone the distance, and who happened to think we made a cake that was both beautiful, and really cool.

From top left: Alan Shipman (vice chair of judges), Shawna McGreevy, Rosie Cake Diva, Will Torrent

From top left: Alan Shipman (vice chair of judges), Shawna McGreevy, Rosie Cake Diva, Will Torrent


We’d like to thank Master Yoda for his steady concentration throughout Cake International, without which, this remarkable feat would not have been possible. (His one minor lapse at 1.24pm on Day 1 is utterly forgivable. Following investigation, we believe it may have been due to a combination of his great age, and the 2 pints of brandy he’d imbibed before the show).

Click here for an insight into how we created this cake.

Modelling Yoda's Head

Carving and covering Yoda's Body

Now it’s time to book our tickets to Episode VII…