The Duchy Collection launches at Lemon Street Gallery

Peboryon cake launch Baxter and Ted.jpg

The elegant white rooms of one of Truro’s finest art galleries was the setting for the launch of our first collection.  We were delighted the LSG said yes, that our cakes are indeed art, and could be displayed and enjoyed in their prestigious space (a first in their history). Gareth Edwards’ Oceanography exhibition was the incredible backdrop to an evening.

Duchy wedding collection launch canapes

The response to the designs was equally positive. As each cake is based on a specific place in the South West, there were real connections with the colours, vibrancy, structure and story that inspired the designs.

As the demand for Peboryon cakes has grown, we wanted to give the choice of a ‘pret a porter’ range of designs, alongside our individually customized ‘couture’ work. Even so, each of the Collection designs can still be tailored to the size and colour scheme of the specific celebration. A perfect fit for each wedding or occasion.

Our sincere thanks go to LSG for hosting their first edible art show, ER Stationery for the stylish invitations and gallery cards, The Velvet Daisy for beautifully interpreting each design with complimenting flowers and foliage, Toby Lowe Photography for truly lovely stills, Baxter & Ted for artfully atmospheric film, the Woodvine Duo for the smoothest of sounds, and Hazel Parsons for exemplary event management.