Cornwall cake hand delivered

Fresh cakes from Cornwall…Corporate, wedding and private celebrations in Kent, Eastbourne, Manchester, Bristol and London have specifically chosen our tailored cakes, hand delivered. 

So why get your cake designed and made in Cornwall?  Our clients tell us they taste the difference. Peboryon cakes are made from fresh Cornish butter from the creamy milk of cows grazed by the ocean, organic eggs from hens that roam free, and in season, Elderflowers, wild strawberries and big fat blackberries foraged from land that basks in the Cornish light. We also use the best organic flour, grown and milled in the South West. [If it’s good enough for Chef Raymond Blanc, we think it’s probably good enough for your guests.]

The delivery costs must be despicable! Actually, they're not. As we don’t have big city overheads to contend with (like exorbitant rent and congestion charges), we find that for any of our cakes over £1,000, our prices are equivalent to the custom cake you would order from a comparable cake artist in London. How lovely, you can have a cake that is delicious, memorable and not run-of-the-mill.

Will it be stale by the time it gets here? Cornish producers deliver to London, the Home Counties and internationally on a daily basis. The butter at your favourite restaurant, the fish for your main course, and the cream for your dessert has made it to your table within 24 hours of being patted, caught or churned. Our cakes are no different. Fresh is what we deliver.

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