Port Eliot Festival 2015


The 6.04 from Paddington was the unlikely setting for an invitation to the much talked about Port Eliot Festival. Lord and Lady St Germans annually open their estate to host the most interesting people; creatives from music, literature, food, fashion, film and so much more. All packaged in a care-free, wholesome, Charlston-by-the-lake, sing-by-the-moonlight, make-a-fire-by-your-tent, kind of deal.

We were there for all things food related, and were not disappointed. Katy Davidson from Mangez Moi may very well have made another oyster convert. Tom Parker-Bowles was rather entertaining (and inspired the purchase of altogether too many spices, and the BEST chicken satay our family have ever eaten). Having known Caroline Davey for a couple of years in her role as mum, it was a joy to hear her speak about foraging in Cornwall and her business Fat Hen, and then watch her expertise as she demo’d a delicious seaweed dish with chef Mark Devonshire.

One of my favourite moments was getting a chance to not only see Rick and Jack Stein cook, converse and create in the kitchen, but also to meet the Sultan of Seafood himself at the Fodder & Flower awards ceremony. [Apparently, along with Gwendoline Christie from Game of Thrones … I really should watch more TV). When handed the Kitchen Cup for best in show by The Fish King, it seemed only appropriate to curtsey. Quite sure I did the right thing.