Extreme Cake Makers: Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall

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In July 2017 our team was asked to create a centrepiece for the royal visit of HRH Prince Charles and HRH The Duchess of Cornwall to the Duchy. No pressure!

Knowing that the couple have seen all manner of impressive cakes on every continent, we chose to simply chase joy! To create a wonderful memory that would connect at a personal level with each of them. For the Prince (noted for his love of his Gloucestershire home, and great architecture in general), we designed and created a scale version of his beautiful homestead - Highgrove House. For the Duchess, we took inspiration from her personal style and the elegant outfit she chose to wear on her wedding day in 2005.

Both cakes were created with layers of light and zesty lemon sponge, and our diplomat buttercream was laced with wild Cornish elderflower curd. Our hope was that the cakes we crafted for them would bring them both joy.

The Duchess of Cornwall's Cake

Prince Charle's Highgrove House Cake