Extreme Cake Makers: The Jack Up Ship Wedding Cake

This is the most unusual wedding cake we have ever made. It's also one of the most personal.

There are no rights or wrongs about designing a wedding cake. It's about finding the perfect way to celebrate the couple in cake. For some that means a beautiful three tier cake with flowers...and then for others something a little bit different.

Karl and Nicole met on a specialist drilling ship that raises itself out of the sea on legs. Karl operated the piling rig and Nicole operated the huge crane. When it came to their cake they wanted to capture that special place and it was our privilege to make that a reality.

We were able to find the exact plans and some great photographs online to work from which meant we were able to create an exact 1:70 scale replica of their ship. It was all made from a delicious English toffee cake that vanished much more quickly than the time it took to make it.