Extreme Cake Makers: Sea horse cake at Cake International

Cake International Birmingham is the largest sugar show in the world. Each year we like to bring something extra special for the visitors. For some reason we thought it would be a good idea to make a cake at the show!

The theme for the cake was the sea in support of our charity of the year, the marine conservation society. To celebrate the amazing work they do we decided to create two seahorses (Bob & Flo!)...6ft tall each. One we would complete before the show and the other we would carve and cover over the three days.

It was a massive logistical challenge. We literally had to bring everything we would use in our studio 200 miles to Birmingham. Microwaves, modelling tools, 60kg of fondant, 30 kg of ganache, blenders...everything.

What we LOVED was that as we made the cake we got to chat with all the people attending the event. It was lovely to hear their questions and their cake adventures.

At the end of the show we were able to cut up the cake and there was plenty to share around.