So, you have had a look at our website and you would love one of our cakes but you live outside of Cornwall.

Fear not: we can get cake to you wherever you are! We have years of experience in delivering cakes big and small across the UK. We know exactly how to get your cake to you in perfect condition.

Deliveries to London

We are incredibly fortunate to have an environmentally friendly and economical way to get your cake into Central London. The direct train service from Penzance to London enables us to have our cakes delivered by specialist courier with virtually zero carbon emissions. You can read more about the service on our blog.

Our minimum cake order costs are:

  • from £400 (for cakes that do not require set-up by one of the Peboryon team)
  • from £1200 (for cakes that do require set-up by one of the Peboryon team)

The cost of delivery is usually around £50 depending on the day and the exact location

Deliveries to the rest of the UK

For the rest of the UK we deliver by road and charge £0.45 per mile. Our minimum cake order cost for cakes to the rest of the UK start from £600.

Deliveries internationally

We deliver to clients overseas. The costs are calculated on a cake by cake basis but we do require at least 3 months notice.