Peboryon Sticky Toffee Cake Recipe

Sticky Toffee Cake

There is something about this cake that feels like alchemy. Simple ingredients combined in a specific way that produces cake gold.



Plain Cake Flour                    300 g

Baking Powder                      7 g

Caster Sugar                          150 g

Eggs                                       150 g

Water                                     330 ml

Chopped Dates                     140 g

Bicarbonate of soda              7 g

Salt                                         1 g

Vanilla Extract                       5 ml

Unsalted Butter                     40 g



2 x 8” Round tins, hand whisk, medium pan



1.     Line the base of the cake tins and preheat the oven to 180c

2.     Add the dates and the water to a pan and bring to a boil then switch off.

3.     Stir in the butter and then add the bi-carbonate of soda and leave to cool for 5 mins.

4.     Weigh out the flour, sugar, baking powder and salt then mix together.

5.     In a separate bowl mix the eggs and vanilla together

6.     Add the wet ingredients into the flour mix

7.     Mix until well combined

8.     Divide the mix between the two tins and bake for 20 mins.

9.     Bring out of the oven and leave for 5 mins to cool then take out of the tins and put on a cooling rack.

10. Fill with German buttercream and caramel sauce and enjoy.


Peboryon Toffee Buttercream Recipe

Toffee German Buttercream

Once you have tried German buttercream no other buttercream will do. Its silky custardy base is a perfect carrier for all kinds of flavours. For our sticky toffee cake we are making a toffee buttercream.



Butter                         250g

Crème Pat                  125g

Vanilla Extract           5ml

Caramel Sauce           175g



Stand mixer or hand whisk.



1.     Soften the butter until it is very soft

2.     Whip in the stand mixer until pale in the mixer (2-3 mins)

3.     Add in the Crème Pat and mix until combined

4.     Add the vanilla and Toffee and mix until combined

5.     Use generously on your sticky toffee cake

Peboryon Salted Toffee Sauce Recipe

This is a fantastically simple and delicious recipe for a caramel sauce that we have adapted from Tartine’s original to complement our sticky toffee cake.


150ml Double Cream

5ml     Vanilla Extract

250g   Sugar

4g        Salt

30g     Glucose

75ml   Water

65g     Unsalted Butter – cut into cubes


1.     Put the water into a large heavy bottomed pan and add the sugar, glucose and salt. Bring to a boil.

2.      Put the double cream and vanilla in another pan and heat until it just comes to a boil and then reduce the heat right down.

3.     Continue heating the sugar and skim off any scum.

4.     Once the sugar reaches a light amber colour take off the heat and pour in the heated cream whisking vigorously.

5.     Once the bubbling subsides set the pan aside and allow to cool for 10 mins. Then gradually whisk in the butter.

6.     Pop the caramel into two 300ml sterilized jars and see if you can make it last for more than a day!

Extreme Cakemakers: The Queen's House Reopening

Extreme Cakemakers: The Queen's House Reopening

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Extreme Cake Makers: Sea horse cake at Cake International

Extreme Cake Makers: Sea horse cake at Cake International

Cake International Birmingham is the largest sugar show in the world. Each year we like to bring something extra special for the visitors. For some reason we thought it would be a good idea to make a cake at the show!...

Extreme Cake Makers: The Padstow Christmas Festival Cake

Extreme Cake Makers: The Padstow Christmas Festival Cake

Rick Stein...The Rick Stein, is going to cut and eat our cake!? Not only that all the wonderful foodies who take part in the Padstow Christmas Festival will also be having our cake. Well, it better look good and taste good!...

Extreme Cake Makers: Alice in Wonderland 21st Birthday Cake

Extreme Cake Makers: Alice in Wonderland 21st Birthday Cake

An Alice in Wonderland themed cake is like a cake maker's dream. There is so much you can do with it. So we were thrilled when we were asked to create this cake for a 21st birthday...

Extreme Cake Makers: Childline 30th Anniversary Cake

Extreme Cake Makers: Childline 30th Anniversary Cake

We were absolutely delighted to be asked to create a cake to celebrate 30 years of Childline. It is a milestone that is well worth celebrating but a real challenge too...

Extreme Cake Makers: Galactic Space Camper Van

Extreme Cake Makers: Galactic Space Camper Van

This has to be one of the most unusual briefs we have every been given: a 25th anniversary, a famous sci-fi author father, a beloved diabetes alert dog called Treacle, and a camper van (called Brian)...

Extreme Cake Makers: Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall

Extreme Cake Makers: Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall

In 2017 our team was asked to create a centrepiece for the royal visit of HRH Prince Charles and HRH The Duchess of Cornwall to the Duchy. No pressure!


A cake, a train, and a Brian

This is Brian. He’s one of three distinct ways our London clients receive their Peboryon cake. As cake heroes go, we think he’s great, but to many of our London clients, he’s more… he’s the Father Christmas of cake.

Brian’s credentials are solid. For the last two years he has worked for WeGo, a company committed to diligently handling valuable, fragile, heat and time sensitive objects. So the ability to deliver our client’s cakes on time and in pristine condition is second nature to him.

Back at the studio, our expertly boxed and insulated cakes are sealed ready for transportation, then personally delivered to Inter City Rail Freight, a newly revived (and rather romantically named) rail service running three times a day from Penzance to Paddington. They are dedicated to bringing quality Cornish goods safely and securely into the heart of the capital. As cake journeys go, it’s the smoothest and gentlest of rides.

When our cakes pull into Paddington Station, Brian is waiting patiently with the key to the cake compartment. He gently carries the precious cargo to his rather swish electric van, and on to the party. We believe his service gives Peboryon cakes the lowest carbon footprint of any luxury cake in all of London.

Every carefully designed, freshly baked and finely finished cake bound for Paddington (under 18 inches tall), we entrust into Brian’s steady care. Each cake arrives in plenty of time for the celebrations, and can even be temporarily housed at WEGO HQ before being personally delivered to smart venues, five star hotels, and private homes around the capital.

As suppliers to The Goring, The Langham, Fulham Palace and The Dorchester Collection, we’re proud to say Cornwall is making London uniquely more tasty, thanks to Brian, WeGo and The Cornish Express.